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Tips for Making Your Neighborhood More Eco-Friendly
It's not just your house that you should be concerned enough to turning green. After exerting efforts to make your place as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible, why don't you do homework together with your neighbors and turn your neighborhood into one that is eco-friendly too. Here are some tips.

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Evolution of Green Real Estate Properties
The ideologies of the buyers in the real estate industry have been drastically changed over the years. All they need is eco-friendly or environmental properties with required facilities.

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5 Reasons for Building Green
Reasons are diverse when it comes to going green. Developers these days are very keen in following standards established by authorities to promote sustainable living. Despite the many discussions and information drive aimed to spread the good about green building, there are still many people left clueless as to why green is considered as the new gold in real estate.

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Why You Should Consider Living In A Tent
The thought of staying in a tent might be intimidating to some but to others, it is their lifelong yearning. 'Why?', you might ask. These five benefits of making a tent your home have much to do with it.

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Tips for Using Recyclable Materials in Your Building Plans
The use of recycled materials in green homes and buildings proves to be one of the most common ways to show sustainability. Aside from economic benefits, seeing recycled or salvaged materials never fail to imbibe feel-good factor to ones mood. Here are some tips on how some recycled materials can be incorporated in your green home.

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